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Design the Life You Love is a powerful 75-minute Home Study audio program, created by Marni Battista to help you design your clear life plan and kick start your future - the future YOU designed.

Who's it for? Men & women who - like Marni - are seriously committed to:

  • Recapturing the Sense of Passionate Living
  • Marrying a Perfect Mate
  • Losing Weight You May Have Battled with for Years
  • Defining a Powerful Life Blueprint
  • Creating a Lucrative Dream Career or Business
  • Repairing a Broken Relationship
  • Earning More $$$ Doing What You LOVE
  • Being a Perfect Mate
  • Finding Abundant Physical Energy
  • Loving Your Body
  • Attracting Positive People
  • Mapping Out a Future You Feel 100% Excited About
  • Living Life By Design!

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Set Your Life Intentions for 2013!

Marni Battista helps you get clear on your life's purpose

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~ The Passionate Pursuit of Clarity & Life Purpose ~

As men and women who are meant for more than we currently have, we have a tendency to get stuck from time to time. The chatter in our minds tells us we're not good enough for the life we can dream up, we get overwhelmed by having so much to do and not knowing where to start, and we over think everything that happens to us.

As a result of all of this spent energy, we end up wasting precious time reacting to our environment, instead of taking action and designing our lives.

Design the Life You Love gives you clarity about the future you're creating, removes limitations (self imposed or otherwise), and gives you the blueprint for designing the life that matters to you.

You'll also learn the tools necessary to silence the negative chatter inside your head and start feeling happy and excited about life again.

Give yourself an invaluable gift for the holiday season: clarity, focus and a solid sense of purpose. Partner up with internationally-acclaimed Life, Love & Business Coach, Marni Battista, M.A., E.d., CPC, and order this acclaimed audio coaching program today!

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People Are Saying...

At the end of our debrief you kindly agreed to give me some specific step by step advice on what I should focus on. I've worked at implementing it and, after a not-so-easy time of confronting my limiting beliefs, searching for new beliefs and attitudes that would open me to a new and even better way of life etc., the results started showing. My life's more joyful and meaningful and I'm becoming more authentic and happy. Other people are reacting to it in wonderful ways, and here's the best news: I met a great guy and am joyfully dating him! This experience feels so much different (and more wonderful) than anything I've had before! Words can't express my gratitude.~Monika, Poland